Michael McGroarty

Name: Michael McGroarty (Director)
Member Since: Spring 2015
Year in School: Junior
Major: Music Composition
Vocal Part: Tenor I
Nickname: Mickey

Michael joined Nuance in Spring 2015 and was immediately re-branded as Mickey. He has gone on to arrange amazing pieces and is now the director of the group. You can hear more of his arrangements and originals on his YouTube channel, mickeydmcg.

Quote: "Look at what you do to see what you truly believe"

Brian Hirsch

Name: Brian Hirsch
Member Since: Spring 2016
Year in School: Junior
Major: Computer Engineering
Vocal Part: Tenor I
Nickname: Brizzy

Answering mainly to "Brizzy B", Brian spends a majority of his time signing autographs for his self-produced hair gel commercial and thrifting for floral button-downs.

Quote: "Leggo my Eggo"

Kyle Reynolds

Name: Kyle Reynolds
Member Since: Spring 2018
Year in School:  Freshman
Major: Communications
Vocal Part: Baritone
Nickname: TBA

Kyle is a big softie in the group, in both a figurative and literal sense. He enjoys online shopping, dad jokes, and sketch comedy writing. He also really likes you, but don't tell anyone.

Quote: "When you step on the brakes, your life is in your foot's hands."

Sai vellala

Name: Sai Vellala (Vice-President)
Member Since: Fall 2016
Year in School: Junior
Major: Computer Engineering 
Vocal Part: Tenor II
Nickname: Cutie

The short, 'nd cute brown guy. 

Quote: Sai can not have a quote, for fear of him being too cute for the internet, thus causing your browser to crash. 

Josh villers

Name: Josh Villers (Social Media/Marketing)
Member Since: Fall 2017 
Year in School: Freshman 
Major: Biochemistry/Spanish minor
Vocal Part: Tenor II 
Nickname: Shirtless

Easily one of the more attractive guys in Nuance, Josh enjoys collecting records, and ladies numbers. In addition to singing with the group, Josh also writes his own songs! 

Quote: "I'd tell you a Chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn't get a Reaction!"

daniel c. garvin

Name: Daniel C. Garvin
Member Since: Fall 2016
Year in School: Sophomore 
Major: Biology
Vocal Part: Baritone
Nickname: Legacy

The cleanest member of the Nuance crew by far (in more ways than one). That's really about it...Dan likes hugs.  

Quote: "You can get many people to take the first step because they are now an infinity times farther than if they had never started. Only a few finish the race because each individual step becomes a smaller fraction of their total progress."

Zebediah zehentbauer

Name: Zebediah Zehentbauer (President)
Member Since: Fall 2016
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Vocal Part: Baritone
Nickname: Hand-Z

Zeb grew up on a Dairy farm in the middle of nowhere. He was the lead in his 3rd grade musical. Also, Zeb is the only person in Nuance that can rap all of Fergie's "Fergalicious".

Quote: "NO! They call me Hand-Z because I do a weird this with my hands when I rap! Its not what you think it is! Guys- come on, tell them!! Stop it!!"

Logan usher

Name: Logan Usher (Secritary)
Member Since: Fall 2016
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Biology (Pre-med)
Vocal Part: Bass II
Nickname: Adam

Tall, Blonde, and a deep bass II, Logan is one of those gorgeous twins you'll see with Nuance. He likes singing sea shanties and drinking songs, because it is the only time basses get the melody. (For more on Logan see Usher, Adam)

Quote: "I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long."

adam usher

Name: Adam Usher
Member Since: Fall 2016
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Aerospace Systems Engineering
Vocal Part: Bass II
Nickname: Logan

Adam Usher is that handsome blonde bass you saw twice, yes that one. He enjoys singing, hanging around with his friends, and terrible puns. 

Quote: "The worst puns are the best puns!"

Jackson piper

Name: Jackson Piper (Assistant Director)
Member Since: Fall 2017
Year in School: Freshman 
Major: Electrical Engineering
Vocal Part: Bass II 
Nickname: Jack Frost

My personality is almost as white as my hair.

Quote: "Success is achievable for those who have sight, but only those with vision will see it."



John dooney

Name: John Dooney
Member Since: Fall 2017 
Year in School: Freshman 
Major: Computer Engineering
Vocal Part: Bass II / Vocal Percussion
Nickname: Zipper

He is the most OK freshman in the group! After years on stage and performing, John still gets stage-fright. Be it Bass/ Baritone/ or VP, Dooney is your guy!

Quote: "NO, I was practicing Beatboxing, it was just a Zipper sound! I swear!"