Michael McGroarty

Name: Michael McGroarty (Director)
Member Since: Spring 2015
Year in School: Senior
Major: Music Composition
Vocal Part: Tenor I
Nickname: Mickey

Michael joined Nuance in Spring 2015 and was immediately re-branded as Mickey. He has gone on to arrange amazing pieces and is now the director of the group. You can hear more of his arrangements and originals on his YouTube channel, mickeydmcg.

Quote: "Look at what you do to see what you truly believe"


Name: Nick Royal
Member Since: Fall 2018
Year in School: Freshman
Vocal Part: Baritone
Nickname: N/A

You'll know he's coming when you hear his laugh. Trust me you'll know.

Quote: I asked him for a quote but he just laughed at me.

Kyle Reynolds

Name: Kyle Reynolds
Member Since: Spring 2018
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Communications
Vocal Part: Baritone
Nickname: TBA

Kyle is a big softie in the group, in both a figurative and literal sense. He enjoys online shopping, dad jokes, and sketch comedy writing. He also really likes you, but don't tell anyone.

Quote: "When you step on the brakes, your life is in your foot's hands."

Sai vellala